Embrace Your New Normal

There is so much change happening, and 2017 has just begun!

I used to think I was open to change, free-flowing, chill, relaxed, and flexible, until REAL CHANGE happened to me in the form of a breast cancer diagnosis. 

That's when the embracing my new normal started. It's when the work really began.

Whatever your challenges are, wherever your journey takes you, embracing the new normal is key to keeping your head on straight, keeping your attitude positive, and keeping your focus on what's most important.

Please check out this interview I did with Sofia Holub from Sofia Holub Wellness. She speaks with cancer survivors from all walks of life asking them how they embraced their new normal- how they dealt with BIG CHANGE

Cancer might not be your challenge, but perhaps you'll find some tidbits that resonate with you.


Yours in health,