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Fittbodies Optimal Health Workshop


It's finally here! Over 50 video lessons and downloads covering 4 modules related to health, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. We get real about making the most of each moment, bite, activity, and movement. 

*Alkalize - We focus on eating more plants, hydrating, drinking a fun little concoction every morning, and take to your cupboards and fridge for a total revamp.

*Boost Immunity - We talk sleep, decreasing toxins in your beauty and household products, the benefits of fasting, heat & cold therapy.

*Decrease Stress - It's all about getting good sleep, meditation, saying "no," dealing with stress, and de-cluttering.

*Move Your Body - Whether you already have an established workout routine or are looking to begin, you're gonna find something here that is just for you.

*(This is the stuff I'm doing to fight my breast cancer. You can benefit from it too!)

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Fittbodies 5-Day clean eating Plan


Everything you need for success, whether you're a newbie to clean eating or just looking for fresh ways to enhance the work you're already doing.


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Fittbodies 3-Day Bone Broth Fast


Boost immunity and restore gut health in this simple, easy to follow liquid fast.

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3-Day Refresh

Help jump start your weight loss program and help cleanse your system while you help break the cycle of bad eating with the 3-Day Refresh

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Ultimate Reset

Helps you feel invigorated, lose weight, and get back on track to better health in 21 days.


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Love the body you live in

These products are what I do personally

to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Each recipe, activity, and challenge has been personally tested by yours truly.

xoxo, Stephenie